People often ask us what our priorities are and how we keep them straight. That’s easy. 

Priority #1: Family.

Priority #2: Keeping that family healthy and happy. 

And that’s why we love doTERRA so much. As parents, it’s so empowering to know that if one of our kids has sore muscles, or congested lungs, or a weak immune system, we can do something about it! 

We also love how doTERRA has helped us bond with my kids. We have a nightly foot rub ritual where one of us pull out my oils and go into each of the kids’ bedrooms and rub their feet with lavender. We get personal one on one time as our kids tell us about their day. 

Having the tools to help our kids when they need it has been such a blessing and that’s why we’re so passionate about educating people about doTERRA. On this site, you can find:

30 Day Cleanse Program

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EO Education for beginners

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Ongoing Education with Dr. Dave

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