Bea, Illinois

Dr Dave's compassion for walking us through the HOW makes this Surge Plan so completely do-able! He anticipates our hurdles, and is more than engaged in our process! His descriptions for WHY we make our many various, daily self-care choices during the program, (there are a beautiful array of them,) feels very empowering!! The Surge has boosted my ability to stick with adjustments while I adapt, because of all the resources provided, as well as both personal and group chats, along with the diagrams that Dr Dave presents! The point of knowing what to expect in terms of the brains reasoning for possible setbacks, has helped me stay on track! This program is fantastic for folks who have tried everything! Success is well within sight with all this amazing guidance!! Thanks, Dr Dave!

Dawn, California

I have been challenged with losing weight since 2009 and my second (of 5) surgery. I have done several different programs with no continued success. I have been eating clean for some time so when I started this I figured it would take a while to reach my goal. Quite pleased, in the first 30 days I lost 6 pounds. My rings are spinning on my fingers and people see the change in my face!! Feeling Stronger and healthier every day. Thank you Dr. Dave for this amazing program.

Lisa Bergman, Real Estate Agent/Wellness Advocate

I am a fan of Dr. Dave and these products he recommends!    Dr. Steuer  is not only entertaining and down to earth, but also has a way of taking complex medical concepts and turning them into water cooler conversations. And, the products Dr. Dave recommends are worth their weight in gold.   I thought I was in pretty good health at the time I tried the cleanse and restore items.  Since I want to stay that way, I made a concerted effort to take them everyday.  The truth is, I didn't know I needed this until I tried it.  Within a very short time, I noticed  these products have not only had a positive effect on my energy levels, but also my mental clarity and my mood has improved.  I feel like a new person!   My husband, Paul  has loved it too. I came home one day to see the lawn mowed, the bushes trimmed, a ton of wood pellets put in their place and the main floor of my home cleaned.  It was jaw dropping, I called for Paul when I came into the house and heard him say, "Honey, That Mito2Max is awesome.!"  We won't be without these products.

Rebecca Hintze, Best Selling Author/Public Speaker and Founder of Emotions Mentor

Dr. Dave’s Surge Plan is revolutionary!  His brilliant approach to weight management looks at body systems and addresses more than just calories and exercise, but emotional and nutritional support that are definitely needed for anyone to be truly well and physically balanced.  I love it!  And I’m grateful that Dr. Dave created such a simple system that’s doable and easy enough for people to find long-term results.  I highly recommend it!