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We are just a typical couple living the American Dream or what we like to call the Fairytale Life…complete with ups and downs that make our journey imperfectly perfect!  We met as poor college students, fell in love and began creating our happily ever after, and we still are. Several degrees (yup… Dr. Dave is a Harvard Doctor and smarty pants), a rollercoaster of business successes and failures (Callie has her MBA and together we’ve been serial entrepreneurs), and 5 kids and countless life experiences and challenges later, we are here to share how we’ve created a Life We Love and instill in you the belief that YOU CAN too.  

And guess what? We are still living and creating and learning as we go.  But we’ve discovered some secrets along the way, one of which is to NEVER GIVE UP!  
We invite you to hang out with us, learn a thing or two, and for sure… create MORE HAPPINESS in your life and have some serious success and fun along the way (for more of that follow our adventures @ICanFam) If there’s one thing we know… you can do amazing things and it’s our belief that you found us because there’s something here that we can share with you that’s going to help you create more BELIEF IN YOURSELF and Change Your World.  You have what it takes, but maybe you just need a little nudge in the right direction. 


  • Surge Plan: A 30-Day Health Plan created by Dr. Dave himself. The plan draws on science and years of research and is designed reset your body’s natural processes to function at maximum capacity. Sleep, mood, weight, energy--you name it, the Surge Plan fixes it.
  • Essential Oils: Our family’s most important natural health solutions. Learn more about the incredible scientifically proven benefits of nature’s miracles. 
  • #ICanFam: We believe happiness is the most important achievement there is. That’s why we make fun, family time, travel, and adventure a top priority. Join us on our newest adventure as we embark on the ULTIMATE CROSS-COUNTRY ROAD TRIP. Along the way, we’ll post travel guides, tips for making money on the road, and all our crazy experiences. 
  • Work with Us: All the resources you need to help you generate residual income from home by joining our doTERRA team and building your own essential oils business. Yes! You can do that! You’re one click away from financial freedom

Our deepest hope in providing all of these resources is that we want EVERYONE to enjoy the same happiness we’ve created in our life. Happiness and Success should not be a competitive market. There’s plenty to go around. Which is why we are so passionate about sharing everything we’ve learned.

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STEP 2: Take Dr. Dave’s 30 Day Health Challenge — known as the Surge Plan.  He created this to help you jump start your health and gain access to 30 days of education broken down in a step-by-step easy to follow system.  If there’s one thing we’ve learned, your health is EVERYTHING and the best place to start if you aren’t feeling good, is to modify your nutrition and build from there.  We’ll get you started on the right path and it’s as EASY as 1-2-3!

STEP 3: Learn Callie’s Secret to Living Your Dream Life.  If you’re ready to embrace the life you’re meant to live and truly create more joy…then it’s time to learn these secrets.  We want you to thrive and live a life that you love.  You can do that!  We know it’s true and have the secrets for you to create massive success in all areas of your life.  

Here’s to finding Joy on Your Journeand creating your Happily Ever After!

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