Business Scholarship Opportunity 

Are you ready to be financially free? Work from home and travel the world? Develop friendships and build a lasting business together? 

Launching your home-based business and becoming a health and wellness mentor is now more profitable than ever!

With our help, you will be able to combine a prosperous essential oil business with even more growth opportunities. We will help you use the Surge Plan program and other tools to expand your essential oil business even further. What does this mean? Your income is about to be multiplied! You will provide others with powerful solutions for a healthy lifestyle, all while building your own wealth. 

Are you ready to launch your business with Dr. Dave and Callie?

Let's get you started on this amazing path! You'll receive the following freebies, valued at over $7000:

  • Access to private business coaching from doTERRA's top leaders and million dollar earners, Dr Dave and Callie, as well as Shane and Rebecca Hintze 
  • Unlimited bonus income opportunities from doTERRA
  • Powerful sales business training
  • Access to the Surge Your Success Launch Your Business program
  • Access to the Surge Your Health Product Training Course, instructing you on the basics of essential oils and wellness
  • Access to the Surge Plan 30 Day Challenge course ($89 value) AND the Surge Plan Plus program (a $360/year value) 
  • Access to Rebecca Hintze's monthly mentoring course ($99/month value)
  • $50 in free product with initial doTERRA kit purchase PLUS $50 in free product with first loyalty rewards order
  • Free Oil Life Book (the "bible of essential oils, full of science and education

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Our goal is to help you...

  • Build a successful essential oils business
  • Expand your business using proven systems and duplicatable training
  • Generate a sustainable income by instructing others on health, wellness, and emotional intelligence.

Please note: this is for people who do not already have an existing doTERRA Wholesale account.  If you are an existing doTERRA Wellness Advocate, please see one of our health or business coaching programs. We are happy to assist you!