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 It is the science behind doTerra products that convinces many to not only use it, but also make it their business. Get access to all of Dr. Dave's eBooks, videos, and educational materials as he creates them. It's just like being inside his brain! Be the first to know as exclusive new content arrives so that you can educate your team! 

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Join Dr. Dave's inner circle and have access to his monthly educational mastermind sessions. You'll get to ask, share, listen and learn tons of new information related to doTerra Essential Oils that will help you educate your team. 

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Over the past 7 years, countless videos, presentations, live calls and training tools have been created.  Get complete access to those topics that matter most to you.

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Do you ever feel like you have everything to grow your doTerra team, but you still need more knowledge about the products?   

    As you join Dr. Dave's Inner Circle, you will have access to tons of fresh exclusive material to help you educate yourself and your team. The information is amazing, the database is growing daily.  Use this knowledge, and information to grow your team. 

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