So what exactly is the Surge Plan?

 The design and concept of the Surge plan is the brainchild of a Harvard doctor to help you cleanse your life through good nutrition and good habits amplified by using doTERRA products. The Surge Plan: is a whole food, natural program which enables and motivates the body to perform at optimal levels.  For example, achieving sustainable and healthy weight loss, increasing metabolism and improving sleep.  Imagine accomplishing goals you may have long given up on, or proudly achieving a new weight and with less swelling or inflammation that has plagued you.  This is the power of the surge plan, to enable every body organ and system to work together for your ultimate health. 

How strict is the diet? Can I customize it to my own preferences? 

We have a comprehensive 30 day food guide with general additional “guidelines” for the person who wants to be creative with what they eat - ie.,  substitutions of course.  The food guide is designed to allow for self control, personal likes-dislikes  and also daily recipes for the person who just wants to know exactly what to eat.

How much are all of the doTERRA products?

It clearly depends on what you wish to purchase.  We recommend taking advantage of doTERRAs Cleanse and Restore kit option, it is the most well priced and is a complete solution for the cleansing supplements that play a role in the the Surge Plan.  On average the supplements cost around $150 for the month.

What do I need to buy before I start?

The meal plan has all the necessary and suggested foods, please take time to read the food guide and purchase the necessary foods prior to starting the plan.

The supplements are an integral part of the program, so please purchase them before starting the plan.

Can I participate in the Surge Plan while nursing/ pregnant? What about trying to get pregnant?

Absolutely, as long as you speak with your Doctor first, and get their approval. You may have to make a few changes as far as the quantity you eat, but the guidelines for the types of food you eat are totally doable while nursing. As always though, listen to your body and make sure you're getting enough nutrients for you and a baby. You must consult your physician before starting.

If you're nervous about certain supplements, feel free to send us a message and we can address them, and of course speak with you Doctor.

Can I use “instant (pre-made)” bone broth instead of brewing my own? What is a good brand to buy?

Yes. You can definitely use instant bone broth, although most people prefer the taste of the homemade kind. If you do decide to use instant, we recommend Ancient Nutrition. 

What is the best brand of matcha tea powder? Where can I buy it?

Matcha Tea is produced from Organic Green Tea, preferably from Japan.  It has several powerful antioxidants, and helps to promote a healthy boost in metabolism.

We recommend, “Green Foods Matcha Green Tea 11oz” -about $24.

Where can I find tiger flour?

Tiger Nut Flour is a super healthy form of fiber and great to incorporate in baking.  We recommend “Organic Tiger Nuts Flour 1lb” it is gluten and added nut free- about $14.

Can I still have coffee?

Yes, coffee is not the problem, it is the associated stimulant of the caffeine which needs to be avoided.  If you choose to drink decaf coffee please remember to not add any sugar, or artificial sweeteners (unless you use stevia, or monk fruit powder), and no dairy or dairy creamers.

What if I don’t like one of the meals or an ingredient in one of the meals?

Absolutely. You can swap breakfasts for breakfasts, snacks for snacks or lunches and dinners for lunches and dinners- but you cannot swap a lunch for a snack for example- but you can use a snack to replace any other meal (meaning, you could eat nothing but snacks all day, however remember that the important nutrients, fats and micronutrients necessary to achieve optimal health is found in each of the different servings, so do not make it a habit to replace the meals). You can also repeat meals you like or simply replace the meals you don’t like. Just make sure that in a given day, you're keeping carbs low and protein and fiber high. You don't want to swap all three meals in a day with three carb-heavy meals. 

Is the Surge Plan adaptable to dietary restrictions?

Yes, of course.  Dietary restrictions are of course, by definition “personal”, so it is up to you to understand what may need to be replaced, or even added in order to fit within your specific and personal dietary restriction. We have a food guide with general guidelines for the person who wants to be creative with what they eat (with appropriate substitutions of course). You can substitute, customize, or completely reinvent the meal plan. As long as you follow the guidelines.

What if I’m on the road or I have to eat out?

Oftentimes,  eating out is unavoidable and we get that. There are a lot of options available at restaurants and even fast food places that are in line with the Surge Plan. Most salads are okay (just check the dressing for sugar content) and so are dishes like grilled chicken or salmon- remember to specify to the server what you want exactly- remember your spending the money, so make your meal exactly what you want :).

If you're careful when ordering, you can stick to the Surge Plan, no problem, it might seem difficult but just have fun with it, and you’ll be amazed at how much is really out there to eat, that fits the program. 

I already have a workout routine. Can I continue my normal workouts and just do the diet and supplements?

Yes you can, however incorporating a HIIT-“High Intensity Interval Training” workout protocol into your existing fitness routine is very, very beneficial.  This type of fitness training is the most healthy, and body friendly fitness program, as it complements what our body naturally understands.  So it is clearly up to you, but we recommend “HIIT” fitness training.

What if I can’t start on the start date?

First, no Problem at all- just be excited you started in the first place :)

When you sign up for the surge plan, you get lifetime access to all the materials, so you can do one of three things. 

  1. Start the challenge a few days late: You'd be a little bit off sync with everyone, but you'd still have the support of the Facebook group. Plus maybe you can learn from their mistakes during the first few days!
  2. Do the challenge on your own: We do group challenges starting on a certain day to help with support and motivation, but if you’d rather set your own start date and motivate yourself, you totally can.
  3. Wait for the next challenge: We do a 30 day challenge every couple of months, so you can always wait till the next one if it’s more convenient.

Where can I go for more info and a preview of what the surge plan is like?

How do I get involved in the affiliate program?

When you sign up for the Surge Plan Affiliate Program we'll give you a special link to the Surge Plan 30 Day Challenge that you can share through an ad, Facebook post, on your blog, a tweet – however you choose! You'll earn income for every customer that signs up for the Surge Plan through your link.

There is no fee to become an affiliate, in fact we will give you a $10 discount for your desire to partner with us!  Simply register for the 30 Day Surge Plan Challenge using the coupon code "SURGEAFFILIATE" to receive your $10 discount.   If you are already enrolled in the Surge Plan, simply email to request your Affiliate link. 

Is there going to be a support group?

Yes.  The private facebook group is a FANTASTIC resource for several reasons:

First, when you get a chance to communicate with other members of the SurgePlan, you find that you get tremendous support, and information the is coming from someone that is likely in the same shoes as you.  

Second: We have found that when people share their experiences, emotions and even problems with each other, the community rallies around each other, and your experience is even more profound and in the end, your success is even more astonishing.  Jump in, be a part of the Surgeplan community, and you will find that by helping each other you will find amazing results.

How do I modify for ___?

  • nursing
  • Can’t do exercise
  • Already exercises
  • Can’t eat dairy
  • Can’t eat gluten
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan

Where do I go to enroll?

Just click here and jump on board!

How is it different from ___?

  • Other diet plans: There is no other diet plan like this frankly.  No other plan focuses on Brain chemistry, gut microbiota, hormones and science education.  The plan is highly customizable, for those who need to customize and do it their own way, we have a food guide. For those who want it step-by-step, we have daily recipes and shopping lists. Basically, there's lots of education from Dr. Dave on how to use the doTERRA Cleanse & Restore kit along with other great doTERRA products.
  • Whole 30
  • TERRAfit: ( I haven't personally done the TERRAfit challenge, but the format is definitely different and the daily videos and education from Dr. Dave is really what sets this program apart. He's genuinely trying to teach you along the way! Plus, this has an optional Bone Broth cleanse to kick it off, or you can start off right away with the High Fiber diet. So - I do think it's quite different from TERRAfit.)
  • Ketogenic diet: Yes! The keto diet fits within the guidelines of the surge plan-- you would have to make sure you're eating plenty of fibrous vegetables to keep the high fiber part of the diet. The surge plan diet actually allows some things that the keto diet doesn't, so you couldn't follow the meal plans exactly, but you can easily adapt them or create your own. The biggest benefit for you would be the exercise plan and the supplements. That is what makes that difference in weight loss, mood, and sleep.

What happens when the challenge is over? Is there a plan for continuing to Surge after the 30 days?

Yes there is a complete program to sustain and maintain the results you have achieved, and it is designed to help you to push those results even further.  The Surge Plan plus, is an amazing program to help instill and create habits that become part of your life.  The Surge Plus is designed to amplify and allow you to achieve even more dramatic results, all while getting even more and more education along the way.  It really is awesome.

How long can I access the course once I’ve signed up?

You have access to all the content for as long as you wish.  There is no restriction on the content which you have already enrolled in.

Do I really have to eat ALL the snacks and meals?

No, No no.  However you do need to teach your body to eat 6 times a day- this does NOT mean that you need to eat when you feel full, or that you need to eat all of the meal.  The process of teaching your body to eat more often, is a metabolic conditioning, not a “force feeding” endeavor.  So if you feel full when it's time for a snack, simply eat just a little of the snack, and the same goes for a meal.

What if my supplements don’t come on time?

That's okay, you can either start the diet and exercise and add the supplements in when you get them, or you can wait to start until your supplements arrive--you'd be a little bit off sync with everyone, but you'd still have the support of the Facebook group!

Do I take the supplements during the bone broth cleanse?

NO, Wait to take the supplements after the bone broth cleanse, simply because it may cause nausea. If you want to try, and you don't get sick, then it's fine to take them.

What if I’m not hungry yet when it’s time for the next snack/meal?

The process of teaching your body to eat more often, is a metabolic conditioning, not a “force feeding” endeavor.  So if you feel full when it's time for a snack, simply eat just a little of the snack, and the same goes for a meal- there is absolutely no need to try to eat, simply because it's time for the snack...simply eat just a few almonds for example instead of the whole snack...make sense.

What if I can’t fit in a meal or snack because of work/other engagements?

It won't hurt to miss a snack now and then--except maybe hunger pains! Remember though, the consistent delivery of healthy protein, and fats to the body teaches the body that it does not need to store calories, as you are not in a starvation scenario.  So eating a little food often, is far better, than eating nothing for long periods of time. But you can also switch out any of the meals or snacks with something that's a little more convenient to carry around or pop in you mouth when you get the chance, like a bag of carrot sticks or apple slices or something similar.

If you don't like one of the meals, you can swap it for another similar meal (breakfasts for breakfasts, snacks for snacks, etc.) For example, you could swap the omelette with some hard boiled eggs or pre-made breakfast quinoa. Just be careful when swapping a meal with more carbs or sugars.