NEW Year's Resolutions

March is one of the best months in my opinion. The weather FINALLY starts getting warmer and I always get this surge of motivation to get things done. This whole week I’ve been working outside every chance I get and I LOVE IT! I find that I’m way more driven when I get some fresh air and fresh ideas! Is that just me?

Being outside this week and getting some much needed sunshine and motivation has made me revisit my New Years Resolutions, especially those that have to do with my business. My old ones were tired and worn out and I’ve stopped being excited about them. So I decided to do something I’ve NEVER done before. Anyone that knows me knows I am very goal-oriented, to the point that I cannot let a goal go until I’ve completed it. But this week, in the sunshine, I had a realization. Why am I holding on to goals that I’m no longer excited about? Why not start some new goals that make me want to jump out of bed and start working?? So that’s exactly what I decided to do. I decided to make some NEW year’s resolutions… In March! Crazy, I know. My kids will think I’ve been abducted by aliens.

So who’s with me?? Who else wants to make some NEW year’s resolutions?

I’ve always known that the key to success is to make goals. But I realized that you don’t just make goals one at the beginning of the year! You make goals CONSTANTLY. Nobody, and I mean nobody, has achieved every goal they’ve ever made. Nobody ever has reached their difficult goals the first time, every time. It’s just not possible.

But the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is in the post-failure behavior. Actually, it doesn’t even have to be post-failure. It can be post-mediocrity. Post-boredom. Post-tired of this. You can’t get tired of reaching for success. You can’t get bored of keeping your goals and decide to give them up. You can’t be satisfied with keeping your goals on paper but not actually getting anywhere.

If I have a goal of going to the gym 5 times a week, and I drive to the gym five times and spend half an hour there walking around, I technically completed my goal. But did I actually do what I intended when I wrote the goal? No. Sometimes we just fall into the habit of going through the motions, but we don’t actually get anywhere. So let me give you a little advice when it comes to goals… As CS Lewis put it,

“Active habits are strengthened by repetition, but passive ones are weakened.”

We can’t let our goals become passive! Let’s make them active by constantly revising them or doing different things to achieve them.

I’ve got my NEW year’s resolutions and to be honest, I’m stoked about starting on them.
What are yours? Write them down and and let’s get to work!

Dr. Dave and Callie

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