How to Healthy

So here are three principles that make being healthy a little easier and how I’ve applied these in my busy life.

1. Exercising Accountability
My biggest obstacle to working out is a lack of time. My second biggest obstacle is laziness. So to conquer both of these, I decided to sign up for a class through my local gym. It’s at 9AM M-Th and taking it was the best decision I’ve ever made. A 9AM class gives me time to get my kids to school and it’s early enough to get me going and not interfere with my day. I don’t have to get ready for it, so I can just wake up, send the kids to school, and go. I also can’t be too lazy or too busy for my workout because otherwise I lose the money I paid for the class. There’s lots of things you can do to make yourself accountable—create a chart, set a goal, tell someone, find a workout buddy… Whatever works for you, do it!


2. Healthy pantry
When my kids started school I gave myself a rule that I wasn’t allowed to buy any “junk” food for our house. Instead, I had to stock my house with yummy, healthy foods. I’m defining junk food as premade things like oreos, sugar cereals, and chips. I still make cookies occasionally or have crepes with nutella on Saturdays with my kids. The goal is just to make unhealthy choices harder, not as easy as opening a wrapper. If I’m out with friends, I can still get treats or a slice of pizza or whatever, but at home, I only have healthy options, so even if I get a craving for something, it can’t be instantly satisfied. If I really want something, I can make it or go out and get it, but by then the craving has usually passed. Make eating healthy easier than eating unhealthy, not the other way around!


3. Supportive friends
I have such great friends. And not just because they’re super fun and supportive, but because they also happen to be super health conscious, which helps me out with my goals. One person can be weak, but when two people are helping each other, the chances of relapse are much lower. Find someone who you can talk to about your health goals, your progress, your failures. It helps, trust me.


The best part of all of this is that I don’t feel deprived or desperate. Because I’m trying to be balanced about my healthy life, I haven’t felt the need to give in to temptations or give up completely. It’s the best of both worlds and I’m feeling great while still being able to enjoy myself. So give it a shot, and remember to keep things balanced.

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