Building a Solid Foundation

Today I want to get back to some basics and help you get excited about your business and building a solid foundation!

I am talking about How to Help Your Customers Understand the Value of the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP).

Here are my Top Reasons Why:

This is most beneficial for the people you are serving! There are so many different essential oils and wellness products, with the potential to help in countless ways.  Think of the cost effective solutions right in their home, at their fingertips, making their lives and their loved ones’ better.   The intrinsic value of sharing doTERRA as a human being and entrepreneur is so meaningful. 

Increasing LRP’s  means the most to your business long term. You could work anywhere, but you are choosing doTERRA. When you help people, your customers, purchase monthly – you’re safe guarding and securing your business. This single activity is where the magic comes together! Picture building blocks - each LRP is a brick, if you have consistency and passion to stack the bricks in the right places, you’re creating a solid foundation that will last for a long time. What’s a first purchase value? 20% maybe $50-400, but that’s a fraction of the value of that customer long term. You can’t stop halfway! Often what happens is you enroll someone then they never hear from you again. Big Mistake! That’s capturing about 1/5 of the value of that customer, and that’s not going to change their life which is what you want to do.

Foundational Beliefs needed to help increase your LRP’s: 

1. People want to hear from me! Why? Because you have life changing information. The more you let your insecurities disappear, you get out of the way and focus on THEM, and the information itself. Let go of your own personal projections, fears, or perhaps money issues - so you’re not teaching with an apology because you have issues with money.  This creates confusion and mixed results. So, feel that PEOPLE Want to HEAR from you!

2. People want these products! People want this information and they love these products! I absolutely know that’s true - and if you’re still learning that, it’s ok. Maybe you’re still gathering the social proof, testimonials, and your own experience.  Once you have thousands of customers, which will happen over gradual time, you’ll get this belief. If you’re wavering on your uncertainty, that’s ok and normal, just borrow the company statistics, and the belief of your community! What statistics? doTERRA has a 70% retention rate. Because the oils are so pure, potent and powerful! One drop of oil and you feel it! Emotional and physical responses are  immediate and people feel better. Lean on the certainty of others, so you can have the faith this is true, until you have the direct experience yourself. You don’t want to contact people with an apology, or half-heartedly - because your energy is conveyed in every word you speak, and is being perceived at some level. That’s why we always say to work on yourself first, and get clear and strong, and once you master yourself, you are solid in this business!

3. I’m looking for the people who are looking for me! Say you have 100 people on your list – you’re just looking for the 25 who want the products, those who genuinely want what you have. This eases the feeling that you can do this, you want to do this, you LOVE doing this! Then you can progress to be completely unstoppable - and can get to your $1500 bonus, hit your rank, and get to wherever you want. The oils help people! They help everyone who has cells - millions of people are out there. You just need 60-75 people who want and need these oils. You can achieve according to your desires, and your willingness to run these steps.

Analyze your beliefs, and adjust as needed.  Take good care of your customers and help them establish their LRP orders, this will have the greatest long term effect on them and your business!


With love,



PS. Be sure to  share this with your team, you only succeed if you share this with others! Passing your knowledge along is a huge key to your success.

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