Goals + Plans = Success

Every entrepreneur knows that If you are aiming for success, you first must start with a goal! Did you know that a goal that is not written down is just a wish. The power is setting a goal and then developing a plan to achieve that goal. So, you may be new to doTERRA and have the goal of starting your business and hitting the rank of Elite.  If so, that’s excellent! need a plan to get there.

Or maybe you’ve already launched your business and you now have someone building under you..awesome.  You need to not only set your goal, but start with finding out their goal - then you can appropriately set yours and build upon them.  If your goal is bigger than theirs - you can make up the difference.  This is a team based business, and you’ll excel faster by working together to achieve goals. 

Do you remember to sometimes revisit and re-adjust your goal as needed? In the doTERRA business, you run on a monthly cycle.  That means you set a goal at the beginning of the month. However you can’t just set it and forget about it - you need to at least weekly measure how close you are to achieving it? Adjust it if necessary, rather than discarding it and thinking you can't do it (if you're feeling it's not reachable). Get in the mindset of achieving your goal - post it in a visible place and get ready to go for it during the last stretch of the month. Imagine you’re running a race and at the last bend - don't give up, you can cross the finish line!

Let's review strategies for a few possible monthly goals in your doTERRA business.

1. Power of 3 Goal

- Do you have your 100pv LRP qualifying order?

- Do you have 3 100pv LRP qualifying orders on your frontline?

- Is your total volume 600 pv between you and your frontline?

- If going for your $250 bonus, then work with your 3 leaders to help them accomplish the above steps.

- LRP orders can be combined to count towards the 100pv qualification, so does anyone need to run a second order?

- Offer incentives if necessary and ask upline for help if needed

2. Rank Goal (everyone should have one!)

- Look to see how much is needed (and in what legs, if going for Premiere or above)

- Divide the volume remaining over the remaining days in the month, so you have a daily goal

- Do you have leaders who will help? If so get them on board, offer an incentive if needed

- Schedule time for follow-up and customer care calls and do it! 

- Offer incentives and get help from your leader if needed

- Don't give up!!

3. Enrollment Goals 

- It's not too late to book a class, sometimes last minute works best

- Ask a leader or friend to host, call in a favor

- Review your 100 names list and start calling (phone calls work best) - use email or text to get a phone call or in person meeting so you can enroll.

Write down your goals. Put in up where you can see it - put it everywhere, commit to it. Visualize it happening. Schedule time for it.

Then make a plan! 

You can have tremendous success if you’ll find the will to stick to your goals.  Set them, make them realistic, and plan to achieve them.  As you do this, you’re confidence will grow with each goal you hit, and soon you’ll find yourself setting and achieving even bigger goals as you create your success! 

To your success,


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