5 Things You Can do to Have a Better Day Today

We are busy people. You wouldn’t be receiving these emails if you weren’t busy. I’m busy. I know how that goes!

5 Things You Can do to Have a Better Day Today:

1)   Write down the three most important things you want to accomplish today and do them. Don’t forget to put the most important things on there too, like quality family time, taking care of your body, etc.

2)   Take 5 minutes to do something you really want to do. If it’s sitting outside with a mug of hot chocolate or spending five extra minutes snuggling with your kids in bed or taking five minutes to watch a youtube video that will make you smile, do it. Five minutes will not make that much of a difference in your schedule, but it will make a difference in your mood. Set a timer if you need to. And if you have time, take a few more minutes. Do something for you.

3)   Eat a healthy breakfast. The best way to have a great day is to start it great. It sets the tone for the rest of the day and gives you a feeling of accomplishment.

4)   Talk to someone you love. If you can get the feel-goods flowing early in the day, you’ll feel a lot better throughout the day.

5)   Watch this video. If this doesn’t make your day better, I don’t know what will! 

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